The National Entrepreneurship Network

The National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN) is Wadhwani Foundation’s flagship initiative in India. It was established in 2003 with a mission to create and support high growth entrepreneurs, driving job-creation and economic growth in India.

Today, NEN is India’s largest and most dynamic community of new and future high-growth entrepreneurs, with over 70,000 members in 30 cities and 470 top-tier academic institutes in India as partners. It provides support to start-ups and early-stage entrepreneurs through:

  • High-impact entrepreneurship education
  • Access to mentors, experts and advanced pedagogy
  • Fast-track access to incubation
  • Funding learning tools and materials

NEN is playing a key role in developing a vibrant entrepreneurship eco-system in the country by building institutional capacity and inspiring, educating & supporting high potential entrepreneurs to create high-value jobs.

NEN represents Asia’s largest and most dynamic community of young and future entrepreneurs.