Drush for All : Beginner , Developer, Project Manager, DBA , Web Master

"Drush for All : Beginner , Developer, Project Manager, DBA , Web Master" session - will be for All Drupal enthusiast who started with Drupal, already invovled in drupal development, working as site adminstator / web master and wants to get hands on use of Drush to fasten there work to save time.

At end of session person will be familar with Drush , Drush Installation, usage of Drush right from site setup, site configuration, site adminstration and site review.

  • What is drush?
  • Installation
  • Getting Started with Drush using Command line
  • Module and Theme Installation/Uninstallation with Drush
  • Drush for Drupal System Update and Security Update
  • Drush for Site Configuration
  • Drush for Webmaster
  • Drush for DBA
  • Drush Site  Aliases and Site Setup
  • Advance use of Drush : Make file, Site backup, Coder Review, Site Security Review


Youtube Video : Drush