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 Git for beginners! Who all are afraid of adopting new methodologies of source code management this is the right time to grasp, learn git in an informal way with a few skits and game

Session Webservices

Nowadays, webservices all are around the web and the two most important technologies currently used for this are SOAP and REST.

1 What is responsive design?
- Responsive design process.
2 What works on mobile?
- Design approaches.
3 How to build a responsive DRUPAL theme?
- Media Query....

[email protected], deepak_123

Following Topics covered in this session:

1. What is RWD.

2. Core principles of RWD.

3. Different approaches for theme creation:

- Theme creation from scratch

Experience level:
Frontend & Design

I'll share some of the experiences of implementing an open data and social audit system for the local municipal corporation.