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Drupal 8 is coming and its going to be Awesome! Remember your first Drupal 7 project and how all of a sudden discussions on entity/field API came crashing on you and you were just not prepared? I...

Session DevOps Culture

The session would present the importance of DevOps culture in any organisation/group and the qualitative results we get by employing DevOps culture in a project.


"Drush for All : Beginner , Developer, Project Manager, DBA , Web Master" session - will be for All Drupal enthusiast who started with Drupal, already invovled in drupal development, working as...


This session include a basic introduction to Angular.js library and how we can use it with Drupal to simplify the development of modern web applications.

Experience level:
Frontend & Design

Session would cover the following:

What agile is really all about ? 

How to apply agile for Drupal

Various Tools

Audience: Technical-Non Technical, Project Leads and Project Managers

m2Serve is a visual development platform designed to build applications on current and future devices. m2Serve is bolted on top of Drupal, but not limited to Drupal only, and acts as a pervasive...

Session SecurITy

WEB - Go Secure IT !!!

-- Web Security has become the Need of hour. Security is important for anything and everything that is hosted over WWW.

Session Women in Drupal

The number of women participating in Drupal community is abysmally small worldwide. And when we look at Indian statistics, these numbers decrease even further.

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