Organising Committee

DrupalCamp Mumbai is completety run by volunteers. We are driven by our passion for Drupal and the unfailing promise of open source community projects. The organising committee is formed of individuals from disparate backgrounds. 

We are (in no particular order):

Core Committee:

Rachit Gupta: d.o rachit_gupta - planning, strategy and management

Ani Gupta: d.o AniG - planning, strategy, management and communication

Surendra Mohan Singh: d.o surendramohan - logistics

Gobinath Mallaiyan: d.o gobinathm - planning, web and IT

Communication and Creative Leads:

Vinay Dora: d.o dorav - communication collateral

Parth Gohil: d.o parth_gohil - social media engagement

Piyush Poddar: d.o piyushpoddar - creatives

Logistics Team:

Amol Tatkare: d.o amol_tatkare - venue & facilities

Harshil Kishor Maradiya: d.o harshil.maradiya - venue & facilities

Swapnil Sarvankar: d.o SwapS - venue & facilities


We are extremely grateful for the great design & branding contributions by Mira Malhotra of Etniq Design, and Arjun Kariyal

If you are interesting in becoming a volunteer please reach out to us on the following channels, and register as a volunteer.

Twitter: @DrupalMumbai