Git for beginners!

 Git for beginners! Who all are afraid of adopting new methodologies of source code management this is the right time to grasp, learn git in an informal way with a few skits and game

All those folks who are far away from core programming be a developer, a designer, manager, lead, CEO :) are warmly invited to git party!!!!!

all of you are invited for this initiative 

 If you’d like to learn how to launch and maintain your Drupal website efficiently, this is the session for you!

  1. Introduction to git
  2. Why to use git 
  3. Benefits of git 
  4. introduce Git jargon with examples
  5. git graph 
  6. use  drupal + git
  7. some important operation
    •    help with git
    •    reverting with git  
  8. Small Skirt