Drupal Installation Profiles and Distributions: A New Face of Drupal Business and website development

This session has been declined by the session moderation team.

The session majorly include brief overview on Distributions of Drupal in the domain of epublishing, social media, goverment sector websites, conference websites etc. How these distribution changed the development process of website in Drupal? (15mins) How Drupal companies or shops make business out of it and their vision ? (15 mins) How to create custom Profiles in Drupal with a case study?(15mins) I will show code and steps to follow in orde to create a Drupal profile.

What you will get from this session:-

1. Information about various distribution of Drupal activly used in website development in different domains.

2. Developers get head start in order to develop their custom Drupal Profiles.

3. Drupal Business people can get idea of how making a Drupal Distribution can be win-win situation for business and coustmer.

4. Lot's of discussion on the architectural level.

Note:- Come with open mind, ideas and questions. I am sure we will definetly figure it out something.