Details and Info

Drupal Camps have been an integral part of the Drupal Community ecosystem. These premier regional events are key to fostering the Drupal community at the local level. We intend DrupalCamp Mumbai to be a premier event for the Drupal community in western India, and hopefully take it much furthe than that. We are eyeing a DrupalCon India in the near future. 

DrupalCamps are regional events held worldwide, supported by the Drupal Association, for open source proponents and others interested in learning, sharing and contributing to a vibrant and active community of Drupal and open source technologies. DrupalCamps promote knowledge sharing and learning about Drupal’s powerful web experience management paradigm. The purpose of this event is to bring students, designers and developers, business users and organizations on a singular platform to network, interact and share openly with each other, and help strengthen the community at large. List of current DrupalCamps:

The basic programme schedule of DrupalCamp Mumbai will follow the recommendations set forth by the page - Organizing Drupal Camps.

Here are some of the highlights of DCM:


A well known and respected member of the Drupal community will be invited to present a keynote address. This sets the tone for the event at large. In 2011, Dries Buyteart, the founder of the Drupal project, gave the keynote at DCM. If you'd like to get an idea, you can watch Dries' keynote from the DrupalCon Prague.

Featured Panel Discussions

We are planning to hold a panel discussion on highighting the use of open source in governance, and how that is changing the way governamental organizations use the internet to reach out to their stakeholders. Featured speakers will include members of the team that build and maintain the Drupal site for the Aam Aadmi Party!

Another panel discussion or presentation will include represrentatives from the Ruby and DevOps community, some of the most successful and dynamic open source communities in India. The talk will focus around the challenges of building open sources communities in India. 

Sessions and Presentations

Sessions are the meat of the event on Day 1. A mix of featured (invited) and proposed (community) sessions will range from a beginner, to intermediate, to advanced concepts in Drupal site building, backend config & performance enhancement, DevOps best practices, analytics and tools, front-end and theming, responsive and mobile design best practices, content strategy, business and marketing topics, and much more.

CXO Roundtable

This is a unique platform for business leaders, CXOs, entrepreneurs, strartups and representatives from all premier Drupal companies (service providers and users) to get together in an open forum to have transparent discussions on all the subjects that matter today. In the past these have proven to be one of the most sought after conference events. The value of networking with your peers and the insight shared is unparalleled. Since this is very domain specific session, invites will be sent out to CXOs of companies for participation. 

NEN Workshops 

This year we shall be partnering with National Entrepreneur Network, is one of the largest organizations of its kind fostering high-growth entrepreneurs in India. They have established e-cells across a multitude of high-profile institutions across India. This will be a great opportunity for Drupal community members looking to start their own ventures. We shall also present how Drupal can play a vital role in helping you grow your startup/venture. 

Drupal-In-A-Day Workshop and Training,

This is for all those who are curious abour Drupal and want to know how to use it for their needs. This unique workshops will give beginners a rock solid foundation to build their Drupal skills, from setting up their account to actually setting up a working version of Drupal! 

OpenHouse Showcase

Barcamp-style rapid-fire interactive presentations by anyone who wants to showcase their work, engage with the Drupal community at large, ask questions and share knowledge.

Bird of Feather

These are informal discussions, for Drupal enthusiasts to have, in between sessions and networking slots, with like-minded folk to discuss a specific topic you are interested in. If you see animated debates in the hallways and open spaces, it is a BoF. Join in and you may glimpse into what makes Drupalers tick :)


Day 2 is chock-a-block with hands-on codesprints run by experienced coordinators. It is a fantastic place for developers of all skill levels to test their mettle agains their peers. 

There is so much more!

#DrupalCampMumbai is designed to be an amazing netwokring platform. You will get to meet the best of the best in the Drupal development domain, experts who are contributing to this amazing community. You will learn about the power of the Drupal community and what you can do to be a part. If you are looking for career options, there will not be a better platform for you to come and meet with the top Drupal companies. Today, a skilled Drupal developer is an extremely valuable resource and can command a premium price from a plethora of organizations and companies looking for such talent.

Above all, you will witness the unadultered energy and power of this awesome open source community!